My W.H.I.P. - simmons9

June 25, 2016, Atlanta Georgia

Friends and Family gathered to hear the beautiful art of Derrick Bailey at the Sorelle Clubhouse for his book signing, My W.H.I.P. The acronym means My Words Help Inspire People. Mr. Bailey has been working on this project over the last two years. Accordingly to his close net friends, the book is comprised of over 70 powerful and uplifting poems. His paper back can be found on Amazon Prime, $11.99.  (Click here to support)

This 20+ year artist continues to inspire young people within the Atlanta area. His motto is “No audience is too big or too small”.

I applaud Mr. Bailey on all of his accomplishments and future endeavors. Continue the great work Sir and stay focus on the S.T.O.N.E. which stands for Supporting The Ones Needing Encouragement! These youth need to continue to hear and see your message and work!

Douglas Simmons