2016 Veterans Memorial @ COX - simmons9

We Served The Country!

November 11, 2016

Veterans Day is a national holiday celebrating the men and women who have served our country. I have had the pleasure to work with RJ Matthews and his team on building this annual celebration here at our Cox Corporate Office in Atlanta, Georgia. Job well done to all!

By Douglas Simmons

Images- Douglas Simmons

Felicia English- This celebrations brings together our Cox Family in many ways and honors our Military and Veterans professionals and I am happy that we do this because I do not know of any other company that does and being able to bring my daughter to see this is amazing!

Cadyn Lexa Banerian, Singing the National Anthem- I felt grateful for the opportunity to respect and thank the Veterans!

RJ Matthews, a senior manager in Technology and a retired Marine- This ceremony is important as the last two celebrations and next to the two, it is us getting together as a Cox family and taking from within that family those special people who wear the label and title, Veterans! So today, for me it is hard for me to say it, I am looking at 80 or 90 men and women that served and standing in from of them you are just saturated with honor and it is a humbly moment to me - this ceremony was just a matter of pulling the whole family together and acknowledging the wonderful things we done, we do not have to go into details, We Served The Country!